Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lust list

What a day! Twitter was down this morning for about 4 hours which means I would've been better off staying in bed all day since nothing else matters jk jk *.~
After reading emails, looking at friend's pictures on Facebook & refreshing Twitter a hundred times I was finally able to catch up on blogger. Every time I read posts from the beauty bloggers I follow I have a post-it note as long as my forearm of things I lust after.

Here are a few items on my lust list.

  • A new digicam. I'm not sure which model I want yet. I'll need to do more research but I think I'd like something in the Nikon Coolpix range. 12.0+ mpx is preferred. (my strong argument point for the hubz will be "I need a good digicam to pick up all the adorable moments our future kids have as babies!")
  • Japanese cosmetics: Shiseido Majolica Majorca, Lunasol by Kanebo & Shu Uemura are the three brands I'm lusting to try. Their products look so fab. x3
  • A subscription to Japanese fashion magazines. The magazines I'm interested in are harajuku, kawaii, & manga type fashion mags. The fashion world in Japan is completely different and I love flipping through pictures for inspiration. Here are a few magazine scans from Eki's blog. Check it out. She's so cute!

  • So what are you pining after?

      Click on the pics to make them bigger. xoxo!


      smiley13tree said...

      I would love to try those Asian mascaras as well. I really want natural, long look lashes!

      JennXOXO said...

      Me too!